Are You Tired of Spending Thousands of Dollars on Seminars, Without Predictable Results?

Learn how to attract more qualified prospects, convert more satisfied clients, and eliminate uncertainty in your business!

In this FREE Video Course You’ll Discover How To:

  • Write a compelling seminar invitation and headline that attracts your ideal prospects, while repelling those who are, “just there for dinner.”
  • Drive response to your seminar and engage a larger number of qualified prospects by utilizing Secondary Offers and Online Registration.
  • Leverage automation to personally engage each prospect before the seminar, discover what’s important to them and ensure that everyone who RSVPs, attends. No More Seminar No-Shows!
  • Run automated referral contests to ensure that everyone who attends your seminar brings at least one friend with them!

“Too often we throw money at marketing without having a clear cut plan on how to ensure success. This training, which is light years ahead of its time, will show you how to make the most of your marketing dollars.”

Dan Cuprill, President of Matson & Cuprill

“Brandon, you showed me why our responses have gotten lower. I see all the mistakes we’ve been making for years. Awesome video. I will rewatch with my marketing coordinator. Great stuff!”

Jeff Cirino, CEO of Alpha Planning, Inc.

We Understand Your Situation

If you’re like most advisors today you’ve no doubt experienced the decline in both the predictability and profitability of seminar marketing over the past few years. Once one of the most powerful ways for advisors to identify and acquire new clients, the long term viability of seminar marketing has now become a real concern for many advisors around the country.

This Free video course was developed to help you identify the inefficiencies in your own seminar marketing process, as well as teach you real marketing strategies that you can implement immediately to begin multiplying your results going forward.

This course was created with the entrepreneurial advisor in mind. The advisor who wants to double their business over the next three years, while at the same time working more efficiently to create more predictable results in their business.

So, if you’re tired of the up and down roller coaster ride of being busy one month with no one to see the next, and you want to create consistency in your business so that you can run your business in stead of your business running you, this course is for you and will forever change the way you view seminar marketing.

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