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Our comprehensive 87-point business development checklist, created with the insights of over 1,200 in-depth advisor interviews, will help you quickly uncover your greatest opportunities for new growth. Growth that doesn’t require spending ANY more money on marketing!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s working in your business, what’s not, and where you should be focusing NOW to move the needle in your business, this is the checklist you’ve been looking for!

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What You'll Discover When You Complete This Checklist:

1. The truth behind how well your firm stacks up when compared to others around the country. 

2. Where you may currently be wasting marketing dollars due to inefficiencient campaigns.

3. Where you may be wasting leads and opportunities due to a lack of follow up.

4. Where you should be investing your time and energy NOW to quickly drive new growth and move your business forward.

5. Which of the 12 phases of your business may currently be hemorrhaging revenue and profit... without you even knowing it.

6. Why you shouldn't spend another dime on marketing until you first understand what's working and what's NOT.


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What Other Advisors Are Saying...

  • "For so long we were banging our head against the wall talking to prospects at the wrong end of the sales process.  We'd give a five minute explanation of our program and invariably get the old, 'well, can you send me something?'  Thanks to Brandon's process, we only talk to prospects when they want to talk to us.  What a difference!  Thank you Brandon" 

    David McKnight

    Founder, Power of Zero

About The Author

Still in his mid 30’s, Brandon Stuerke is already recognized as a visionary in the financial services industry. He’s been featured in several national publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, Life Insurance Selling, Senior Market Advisor, as well as NAIFA’s Advisor Today. 

Brandon launched Automated Advisor in 2011 after discovering the power of marketing automation and technology and what implementing it strategically means for advisors across the country. 

Brandon Stuerke

Discover Your Growth Killers, Profit Drains and Largest Opportunities For Growth with Your
87-Point Practice Development Checklist!