Referral Multiplier

As advisors we all know we need to ask our clients for referrals, and yet most of us rarely do. Why? Because asking is slow, it’s uncomfortable, we have limited opportunities to ask, and quite honestly, most of us would simply prefer to just move on to finding the next “hot” prospect. But with the ever increasing costs of client acquisition it’s more important now than ever to leverage your existing client relationships to be introduced to your next “A” client. The good news is, when done correctly, it’s actually possible to generate referrals on demand! In fact, with the click of a button you can leverage automation to ask all of your clients for referrals, multiple times a year, in a way that makes it easy on them while at the same time eliminating the “sales pressure” that often comes with asking for referrals. The Referral Multiplier is the strategic way to generate referrals consistently.

In ReferralMultiplier We’re Going To:

• Teach you how to strategically generate large numbers of referrals, consistently
• Map out your automated referral generation campaign
• Build the automation sequences needed to drive client participation in your referral campaigns
• Build the referral delivery and introduction emails making connecting with referrals easy
• Launch your first referral campaign immediately!

You’ll Receive:

• The Referral Multiplier Video Training Course & Workbook
• A Referral Generation Campaign Strategy
• Custom Written Referral Campaign Promotion Sequences
• Referral Capture Landing Pages
• The Referral Multiplier Tracking System
• Step by Step Training & Deployment of Your First Referral Campaign